Principal Green Hydrogen Consultant Jobs in Dubai 2023

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  • Dubai, UAE
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Jacobs Engineering

Principal Green Hydrogen Consultant Jobs in Dubai 2023

Jacobs Engineering

Dubai, UAE
Job Vacancies : The Jacobs Engineering , a leading conglomerate in the United Arab Emirates, has announced a series of job vacancies in various categories. The group is looking for highly skilled and experienced individuals to fill in the positions.The job vacancies include positions for marketing executives, sales managers, accountants, human resource officers, and customer service representatives. The group is also looking for candidates with experience in the construction and engineering industry.The Jacobs Engineering offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Interested candidates can submit their resumes and applications online.


  • Development of delivery capability for hydrogen related projects for utility, industrial, transportation and municipal clients
  • Execution of market strategy to support Jacobs’s growth in the Energy Transitions market
  • Collaborating with Client Account Managers and sales professionals on pursuits of strategic importance to the firm.
  • This will include extensive client dialogue, team building, and development of differentiating strategies


  • You will have thorough knowledge of the hydrogen (green/blue/grey) sector including policy and regulations, production technology, storage technology, transport technology and hydrogen uses as well as an established senior practitioner in hydrogen process design (electrolysis, reformation and partial oxidation, fuel cells)
  • You will have held roles of increasing responsibility in supporting hydrogen related feasibility studies, engineering design, construction, and operations including management of single projects to delivery of complex programs.

Qualifications you may need Jacobs Engineering
Dubai, UAE
Job Vacancies

To be eligible for any of the Jacobs Engineering

Dubai, UAE
Job Vacancies 2023, the applicant must fulfill the below-mentioned required basic qualifications:-A minimum of 2 years work experience in a relevant field is required. -The applicant must hold a valid passport. -The applicant must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. -The ability to work independently with little supervision is a must. -The applicant must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications. -A bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant field is required for some position.

Beware of recruitment scams

Beware of recruitment scams when applying for Jacobs Engineering

Dubai, UAE
job vacancies. There have been reports of fraudulent job offers being circulated online, purporting to be from Jacobs Engineering . These offers usually require the payment of a fee in order to secure the job, and in some cases, personal information such as passport details or bank account information is also requested. If you receive any such offer, please do not respond and instead report it to us immediately so that we can investigate and take action as necessary.

Benefits that may be available to employees

Jacobs Engineering offers a variety of benefits to its employees. These include:- Health insurance- Life insurance- Retirement savings plan- Paid time off- Employee assistance program Jacobs Engineering

Dubai, UAE
Job Vacancies is committed to providing its employees with the resources they need to lead healthy and productive lives. We believe that happy and healthy employees are the key to a successful business.

Keep these things in mind while going for the interview

If you're looking for a job with Jacobs Engineering

Dubai, UAE
Job Vacancies, here are some tips to help you prepare for your interview:

  • Do your research: Before your interview, take some time to research the company and its history. This will not only help you prepare better questions, but also show the interviewer that you're truly interested in the organization.
  • Practice, practice, practice: In addition to researching the company, it's important to practice your answers to common interview questions. This will help you feel more confident and prepared when it comes time for your actual interview.
  • Dress for success: First impressions are important, so make sure you dress appropriately for your interview. Business casual attire is typically appropriate for most interviews, but be sure to check with the company beforehand to see if there are any special dress requirements
  • Be positive and enthusiastic: During your interview, be sure to exude confidence and enthusiasm about the role you're applying for. This will show the interviewer that you're excited about the opportunity and that you would be a great addition to the team.

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